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The 80/20 Principle - Author Richard Koch

Businessman and author of the international best sellers "The 80/20 Principle - The secret of achieving more with less" and “The 80/20 Individual – The nine essentials of 80/20 success at work”. Richard has also just released "Living the 80/20 way – Work less, Worry less, Succeed more, Enjoy more."

Latest Interview with Richard Koch

Superconnect - Authors Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood

“The search for individual expression is genuine enough, but it takes place within groups and it is spread by networks. And, in many ways, networks are the antithesis of the lone individual. Even when they are spontaneous and anarchic in origin, networks favour big concentrations and bind people together in ways that no individual intended or can control.”

“A fascinating insight into a subject that affects everything we do”

Marcus de Sautoy

Living the 80/20 Way

The 80/20 Way

Living the 80/20 way – If we have the courage to go against conventional wisdom, we can work less, worry less, succeed more and make the people who matter in our lives hugely happy. Living the 80/20 way – Work less, Worry less, Succeed more, Enjoy more...

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The 80/20 Principle

the 8020 Principle

"The 80/20 Principle - that 80% of results flow from just 20% of the causes - is the one true principle of highly effective people and organisations" - Richard Koch "The 80/20 Principle - The Secret of achieving more with less"

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The 80/20 Individual

The 80/20 Individual

The 80/20 Principle demonstrated the concept; The 80/20 Individual shows how to put it into practice for your own professional success. Here Richard Koch reveals how innovative individuals are taking over the world and how you can join in the revolution - creating new wealth and wellbeing in a twenty-first century individualism.

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